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June 18 – Diving on Koh Tao

We spent another morning diving on Koh Tao. This time we did Red Rock and No Name Pinnacle–definitely our best dives. Two interesting things happened on this dive. We’ve both talked about exploring different kinds of diving, but one thing we both agreed on is that we aren’t interested in cave diving–that diving in close quarters just isn’t our thing. And our other big concern about diving is sea snakes–Matt has a terrible phobia. So our dive instructor sat down with us on the boat in the morning to debrief us on the dive. The first thing he tells us is that he has a special treat for us…a cave! The other thing he tells us is that the water there is lousy with sea snakes. We decide to brave it. The cave actually really was cool, and you could swim the whole way through it and see both ends all the time, so it really wasn’t bad. But when you get through it, you land in sort of a little room, and the quarters there are pretty tight. Naturally, that’s where the snake was. We cut him as wide a berth as we could though, and it was worth it…really beautiful coral and sea life.

In the afternoon, we headed out on the ATV to see a little more of the island. All of it was pretty much the same…small villages joined by some paved but mostly dirt roads, and entire families–parents carrying kids, toddlers, and even babies–navigating them on a single shared motorcycle.