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June 20 – Wedding Prep and Tamarind Springs

We spent the morning and the evening ironing out some details for the wedding–getting the villa ready to go, being fitted for a Thai wedding dress for our Buddhist blessing ceremony, and picking up some champagne.

Getting around Koh Samui had its challenges. We are accustomed to driving a Mazda Miata, so the truck, a Toyota HiLux (something like a Tundra, with A/C but no heat) seemed huge to us. Add to this the fact that the roads are extremely narrow and very congested with cars, trucks, buses, tuk-tuks, mopeds, bicycles, pedestrians, and the occasional water buffalo. Add to this the fact that they drive on the left side of the road from the right side of the vehicle, which meant shifting with the left hand (Oddly enough, we got the hang of the gear shift but not the turn signals, which were on the other side of the steering wheel. Every time we wanted to singal to turn, we turned on the windshield wipers). And traffic rules are pretty slushy…the right of way appears to belong to anyone enterprising enough to take it, driving on the berm and even the wrong side of the road is fair game, and you can park wherever you feel like stopping.

With the wedding looming, a lot of details yet to be ironed out, and a stressful day trying to navigate the island, we were wiped out. So we checked into Tamarind Springs, a spa set in the forest in the hills of the island. For two hours, we alternated between a steam room set in a cave and an ice cold plunge pool set in the rocks outside of it. Then, for two more hours, we had massages and facials in an open pavilion in the forest, in the middle of rainshower. We have no pictures at all…the spa is a cell phone/camera-free zone. Magnificent!