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June 21 – Wedding Day

June 21–summer solstice–was our wedding day, and our wedding preparations and festivities spanned the longest day of the year.

–11:00 a.m.: The local amphur–the Thai marriage registrant–arrived, along with Tam, our translator. He asked us a five questions to verify our legal right to marry in Thailand. We then signed the Thai wedding registry and our marriage license. Tam will courier them back to Bangkok, where they will be translated back into English and sent back to us. This process legalizes the marriage both in Thailand and the U.S.

–2:00 p.m.: Two masseuses arrived for an hour-long massage in our villa. While we were having our massages, the florist and decorator began decorating the villa.

At about this time, another florist arrived with a bouquet of white roses. Alison’s mother sent them from the United States. We have no idea how they found us. Everyone–all of the vendors and even the local amphur–had trouble finding the villa.

–3:00 p.m.: Stylists arrived for hair, makeup, and manicures. There were plenty of minor disasters here, but they pulled it together in the end.

–5:00 p.m.: Monks from the local wat performed a traditional Thai wedding blessing. The monks sat in the sala and we knelt before them. We offered prostrations, candles, and incense. The monks then asked blessings for our union, chanted in the ancient Buddhist language of Pali/Sanskrit. Two floral garlands, tied together with string, were placed over our heads, and string from the garlands were tied over the heads of the monks and above us, the connection point between the earthly and spiritual worlds. Blessed water was then sprinkled over our heads, and balm applied at three points on our foreheads. We then offered gifts, incense, and lotus flowers to the temple in thanks for the blessing.

This might be a good place to talk about our rings. We bought our rings at I Gorman in Washington, D.C. We had the rings custom laser cut so that Matt’s is exactly 1.61 times the size of Alison’s–the golden ratio.

–7:00 p.m.: We had our traditional ceremony at sunset.

–7:30 p.m.: We had champagne and cut our cake.

–9:00 p.m.: Two local chefs arrived and prepared dinner for us in our villa.